La Boum

Those images in my mind.

I do not remember the plot. I am not even sure if it was the first or the second movie. I have just these images, somewhere in my mind. A girl sitting on a bus, late in the night, listening to some music, looking outside the window. She has spent the night at a concert.  Vic — this was her name — was sitting on the bus, alone, with a melancholic look in her green eyes.

Today she would have probably been playing with her mobile, texting to some friend, looking at the pictures taken that same night, maybe updating her status on some social network. But those were the eighties, technology was a walkman. And in the eighties Vic was my age — fourteen, maybe sixteen. She had dark brown hair, small and regular teeth, an innocent smile and a taste for ingenuity.

If I still get in love  with girls with emerald eyes and a fringe, it is just for Vic.

La Boum.

La Boum (1980) and La Boum 2 (1982) are  two French motion picture comedies, starring a young Sophie Marceau (Vic). Vic is a thirteen year old high school student. Together with her friend Pénélope, Vic is checking out the boys at her school, looking for true love.

In English speaking countries, the movie has been titled The Party, in Germany Die Fete, in Japan ラ・ブーム, in Israel שיגעון של מסיבה. Italians know La Boum with an imaginative and clairvoyant title: Il tempo delle mele — Apples’ Time.


High-resolution, recent pictures of Sophie Marceau were published by Wim Heitinga’s Celebrities Blog. The famous photographer Satoshi Saikusa took some nice pictures of Sophie for March 2008 edition of Elle Magazine.
I still prefer her as Vic.

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