This in not.

This in not a post-apocalyptic future. The civilization did not end due to a nuclear warfare, a pandemic, an extraterrestrial attack, a cybernetic revolt, a technological singularity, a supernatural phenomenon, a divine judgement –choose the god you like. Our world did not collapse due to climate change, resource depletion, an asteroid impact event or some other general catastrophic disaster. Not yet, at least.

Still this planet is disseminated with post-indstrial relics: shipwrecks abandoned on the shores of far away oceans, ferris wheels in contaminated cities, dismissed fiberglass hotels, imaginative anti-submarine Soviet aircrafts, crashed fuselages adapted to be houses.

In the picture above, the Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center, the largest plane graveyard in the world, located in the town of Tucson, Arizona, USA. Below, some memorials of our post-apocalyptic future (to read the description of each image, click on permalink).

See also my other post-industrial photo galleries: Buran — the Soviet Space Shuttle,  the mysterious Ekranoplanabandoned in the Kaspiysk harbor, and the abandoned satellite-wrecks in Siberia.

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