Noun: A female ballet dancer.

My grandfather had several aspirations. He was — at least in his heart — an inventor, a scientist, a chess player and a formidable reader. However, his most ambitious inclination was shaped in the form of a canvas, some brushes and oil colors. Beside teaching me how to play chess — at age 4 — and explaining me the concept of gravitation — I was not much older — this railway engineer effused on me his encyclopedic knowledge for figurative arts.  My favorite artist, at the time of enrolling in primary school, was — without any doubt — Edgar Degas. My favorite subject, his ballerinas. My favorite painting, a reproduction of  L’etoile (or La danseuse sur la scene), hanging in the living room of my grandparents and several years later looted by  my auntie.

This is my homage to Degas.


My favorites

One of my favorite ballerina photographers is Day Kol, portraying dancers from the Munich Bayerisches Staatsballet (picture below) for the Ballerina Supremacy project. Some stunning images by photographer Saskia Font are here, whereas here is possible to see some beautiful pictures by Dane Shitagi. Another photographer taking amazing pictures of ballerinas is Joe McNally: take a look!

The inspiration for this post came from the Ballerina Project, by  New York City-based photographer Dane Shitagi: crafted over the span of ten years the Ballerina Project is not dance photography but an etching of a ballerinas heart and emotions.

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