Princess Leia.

The greatest disappointment of my childhood. Every kid was identifying himself with Luke Skywalker, no doubt. The Jedi knight fighting for freedom of the Galaxy, flying imaginative spacecrafts and defeating all the enemies. Luke, able to lift his warship with the power of his mind. Luke and his laser sword.

I do not know about girls, maybe they were seeing themselves as Luke, maybe as Leia. What I know, is that every young Luke Skywalker, sitting in the cinema, was dreaming about Princess Leia. Yes, war one day was going to be over. And that day, Luke would have married his (well deserved) Princess.

Now, I may well accept the soap opera idea of a bad guy coming there and telling you “Pedro, I am your father.”  Maybe not so original — at least since the times of Oedipus — but still a perfectly acceptable news.

What is absolutely unfair, unjust, unacceptable and unforgivable, it is to tell me that the Princess I am in love with, the one I am trying to impress with my laser sword and my super powers, that very Princess of my dreams, she will never be mine. Because she is my sister. And she is gonna marry Indiana Jones.

Two Princesses Leia.

This is quite a unique picture: Carrie Fisher and her stunt double Tracey Eddon sunbathing while on a break from filming Return of the Jedi. Below, more photos from the three original Star Wars movies.

Some more galleries with Princess Leia pictures on the set of Star Wars, and some nice backstage photos, are linked here and here. A nice collection of Leia and Han Solo pictures was posted on Through Two Blue Eyes. Socialpsychol posted some few, but nice pictures of Princess Leia.

Princess Laia was portrayed by American actress Carrie Fisher. Despite great fame and success gained with Star Wars, her career did not offer other remarkable highlights. Mention another movie starring Carrie Fisher, if you can… (ok, now go and check on Wikipedia.) Yes, she acted in several movies — even successful ones — and appeared in some TV series, including Sex and the City. But Leia was never back.

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