Ceci n’est pas une Pippa

Pippa Middleton, with boots and coffee.

A collection of pictures of Pippa — famous sister of less known Kate Middleton — while she is walking downtown London, wearing boots and eventually carrying a hot coffee in a paper cup. All pictures were taken this Autumn, in South Kensington, near her present working place.

Now, before asking me why I do care about Pippa — ask yourself why you did follow this link and looked at the pictures. Pippa is not that pretty, did nothing to deserve any fame, you probably never read anything she wrote, nor did see any movie she acted in. Pippa does not play any instrument, does not sing in a rock band, did not give any noticeable speech, has no particular quality to make her interesting. Still, her name is known, her face is recognized, her bum gained some popularity.

It is just the constant repetition of the same image that makes her to look familiar, slightly interesting, maybe pretty. Just like a can of Campbell’s Soup.  

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