a dictator’s wife

Asma Fawaz al-Akhras is a 36 year old British young woman. Bright and beautiful.

Daughter of a cardiologist and of a now-retired diplomat, this glamorous lady — born in London in 1975 — appeared last February on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Asma attended King’s College London and graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Diploma in French Literature. After university, she started work at Deutsche Bank Group.  “It wasn’t a typical path for women,” she said to Vogue, “but I had it all mapped out.” By the spring of 2000, she was about to take up an MBA at Harvard, when Asma  started dating a family friend: the second son of Syrian president Hafez al-Assad.

A student of ophthalmology, Bashar, had no intention whatsoever to enter in politics. His brother Basil was supposed to take the place of his father as ruler of the country. Until Basil died in a car crash.

Today, ten years later, Asma Al-Assad is on the run, together with her three children. Syria is asking democracy. Her husband and his clan answer is tragically under the eyes of the world.

I wonder if Asma is ever looking back at her life. I wonder if she is thinking about her job at Deutsche Bank, at her life in London, at a possible future as wife of an ophthalmologist.

This is the ultimate collection of pictures of Asma al-Assad, née Asma Fawaz al-Akhras. I think it will take some decades before we will hear from her again.

Just another smart and beautiful girl, who maybe married the wrong guy.

By the way, Vogue removed the interview, and the pictures, from its website.

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  1. Hi there, thanks for stopping by. This was an interesting post. She is so accomplished and stylish. How does one follow your blog. Do you have a Bloglovin Link?

    • if you have a wordpress account, just click on “follow”. otherwise, on the upper right side of my blog, where is written “stay tuned”, you may just register with your email address. and you will get my new posts (and nothing more) in the mailbox! happy you liked it!

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