A girl, and her room.

Pictures on the wall, a dress on a mannequin, a mirror. A world in a room. A girl defining the space she owns.

A photo gallery of teenager girls in their bedrooms. A journey in the private spaces of young princesses, run through the contrast between two worlds: Middle East and United States.

A collection of microcosms mirroring the outside, in its poverty or richness, in its freedom or in its cultural constrains. Each room represents the meeting (and sometimes the clash) of the surrounding world with the projection of the girl’s imaginary. These pictures offer a gradient of influences: from girls oppressed by the world where they live (both in the US and in Middle East), through several degrees of freedom, in a balance between dreams and reality.

How much is our future determined by the place where we were born, by the world where we grew up? Are we left with any choice on what to be, what to believe, how to see our own life and its possible outcomes? Teenager girls are the most fragile and often the less free, in all cultures. What is defining their identities?

A Girl and Her Room is an (introspective) project by photographer Rania Matar.

Award-winning photographer Rania Matar‘s A Girl and Her Room reveals the lives of girls from two disparate worlds – The U.S. and Lebanon. Set in the girls’ bedrooms—which range from spartan cleanliness to chaotic disarray – these portraits offer an insider’s perspective of not just who these young women are, but the physical spaces that prove to be extensions of their identities. (http://girlroom.raniamatar.com/)

Rania Matar was born and raised in Lebanon and moved to the U.S. in 1984. Originally trained as an architect at the American University of Beirut and Cornell University, she also studied photography at the New England School of Photography and the Maine Photographic Workshops in Mexico with Magnum photographer Constantine Manos. She teaches photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and in refugee camps in Lebanon.

The photo book will be available from May 2012. For more information, follow this link.

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