I do not believe in any god


My credo.

I do not believe in any god. Should I decide to choose a religion, it would be polytheistic, tolerant and promoting equality of genders. My religion should not care about sexual activities and preferences of its believers — nor of anyone else. My gods should be happy whatever food I would decide to eat and whatever day of the week I would have my rest. My fellow believers would not need to wear any special garment, nor they would care about how other people decide to dress — to get out, or to stay home. The gods of my religion would not get offended by anything, and would not require anyone to speak in their name. People would be free to believe or not to believe, to change idea as many time as they please and to profess any other credo. Children of believers would be atheist, should be free to marry whoever they love — or not to marry, if they prefer so — and should always be loved by their parents. My religion would forbid very few things: to harm others, to judge them, to limit their freedom. No clergy class would be legitimate. Any new god would be welcome.

However, would this all not be possible, having to choose a faith, at least I would like it to be colorful.

A faith of colors.

More colorful pictures of Hindu festivals, gods and celebrations on The Atlantic. In the picture below, an Indian girl wearing traditional attire poses for photographers as she along with others perform the Garba, a traditional dance of western Indian state of Gujarat, as part of preparation for Navratri festival in Ahmadabad, India, on September 15, 2011. (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

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