around the world in 456 days

My journey around the World. In 456 days.

The dream of each globetrotter is to complete at least once the full circumnavigation of the World. Starting from a point on the map, and reaching it back, just traveling in one direction.

I always thought that I was going to do it — the first time — following the direction of the Sun. I crossed several times the Atlantic (East to West), and I pushed my geographical limits to reach the shores on the Pacific Ocean. I have been navigating the cold waters of Chile, and saw the blow of some whales at the horizon. I crossed the Strait of Magellan, and sailed in the Beagle Channel, where the two Oceans meet for the first time. A sweet encounter, before clashing like Titans at Cape Horn. Still this was not my destiny.

My journey around the world had to start from an unexpected location, a late morning of mid-Spring: my airplane leaving the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, with destination Huston, Texas. Surprisingly, I was flying East. From the Lone Star State, I reached New York, and then Stockholm. Following the physiological brownian motion of my life, I moved around Europe for a little while. Until I reached enough momentum to cross Siberia and safely land in the Empire of the Rising Sun.

However, this was not yet my time. I bounced back to Europe, like a gum ball on the wall of hope. I had to collect more energy, to break the invisible shield preventing me from crossing — once and for all — the Pacific Ocean. It happened, as it should have happened: without a plan. From Stockholm to Tokyo, a diversion in Seoul, and finally the journey to Vancouver, crossing the day line, and someway traveling back in time.

A journey around the World would have not been the same, without traveling — at least between two Countries — by train. I took my last chance in Canada, taking the morning train to Seattle, and crossing the border with United States around lunch time on a smiling Sunday of mid-Summer.

A flight to Phoenix, and another one — from West to East — from Arizona to Albuquerque. 456 days later.
A complete circumnavigation of the World.


Now I am on my way back. Traveling West. 

In the picture below, a roadside snacks vendor paddles his cycle through heavy fog on a chilly morning in New Delhi. (Photo credit: PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images)

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More photos and credits on National Post.

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