Who the hell is Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan, high resolution picture.

I have absolutely no idea about who the hell is Lindsay Lohan. Google gives about 222,000,000 results, in 0.16 seconds. Google Images is a bit slower, but in 0.25 seconds provides about 190,000,000 results. One hundred ninety millions pictures of Lindsay, in just a quarter of a second! It is a lot, if you consider that “silicone lips” gave 2,100,000 images, “cleavage” little less than 41 millions and “blonde girl” reaches just 167 millions. Summing up these three last results (silicone lips, cleavage, blonde girl), I would have expected to match “Lindsay Lohan”, but the combined outcome is giving just about 320,000 results.

Little comfort I had figuring out that “brain” scores  1,970,000,000 results  in 0.13 seconds. Considering that the human population reached recently 7 billions, there are at least 5 billions brains missing. This may explain the large number of images of Lindsay Lohan available on the net. How can I then refrain from contributing, with these sixteen new images? Enjoy!

By the way, I am still trying to understand who the hell she is. I would be happy to get your help!

Lindsay Lohan, high resolution picture.

6 responses to “Who the hell is Lindsay Lohan?

    • I just figured out that, some 10 years ago, in Chicago, I have seen one of her movies, at the cinema. (Well, it is not that I suddenly remembered it… I have checked the filmography on Wikipedia, and a title popped out.)

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