a hat for the king

Carl Gustav King of Sweden

To have a King.

Sometimes I think it is nice to have a King. In the UK, subjects of Betty enjoy their daily dose of Royal gossip, even though Pippa Middleton — sister of the less known Kate, (Catherine) Duchess of Cambridge — has recently taken over all the attention.

Sweden is maybe a small Country, often mixed up with Switzerland, but its monarchy offers daily entertainment to the — otherwise bored — Swedes. Princess Madeleine is a well known socialite and broke up with a cheating boyfriend just a couple of years ago. Crown Princess Victoria got married with her personal trainer, and every one is discussing about her pregnancy. Their brother Carl Philip is hanging out with a reality-show starlet. However, among all of them, the funniest guy in the family is His Royal Highness Carl XVI Gustav — King of the Swedes.

King Carl Gustav loves to wear hats. Here is my favorite collection of his fancy royal headwear.

Pink bunny.

I cannot deny it. King Carl Gustaf has even better taste in hats and accessories than the Pope (take a look to Joseph Ratzinger photo gallery). Among all, my favorite is definitively the Pink Bunny one. Sometimes I regret I was born in a Republic. I missed most of the fun. Ja, jag vill leva, jag vill dö i Norden.

King Carl Gustav of Sweden

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