Spice Up Your Life

High resolution picture of Spice Girls.

John Lennon.

I was discussing about religion, with a friend. He was making fun of some new belief — very popular with Hollywood celebrities — involving aliens, creationism, and similar amenities. “How can people believe these ideas?”, he was saying. “You say so, just because those religions have been on the market for a short time.”, I argued, “Wait a thousand years, and they will gain some respect.”

a high resolution portrait of Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, in her most famous Union Jack outfit

I remember a world without Spice Girls. Then, a summer of 16 years ago, Wannabe changed the music as I knew it. Yet, criticism and sarcasm tried to dismiss these five British girls defining them nothing more than a well conducted operation of marketing. I loved to challenge my interlocutors, prognosticating a future where Geri Halliwell would have been remembered, and John Lennon forgotten.

Maybe we are still not there. But that time is approaching.

If I was Beckham.

No surprise, my favorite was Geri Halliwell: she had an attitude. The prettier one was definitively Melanie B — and, in my opinion, she still is the most beautiful. I was a bit afraid of Sporty, always kicking the air. Baby Spice was ways too blond to be interesting. Oh, yes, I was forgetting Posh: never liked her. If I was Beckham, I would have chosen another Spice Girl.

A high resolution picture of Geri Halliwell in bikini

High resolution pictures of the 5 Spice Girls. Click on the respective permalink to see them full screen.

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