I still remember my first playmobil toy. A four-wheel drive white ambulance, with blue lights, orange reflective bands and a red-cross sticker. Playmobil: a miniature world where I learned how to race in the traffic with full sirens and flashing warning lights. Life is often an unpredictable stream of  well defined precognitions. My unforeseeable life as ambulance driver developed on the four wheels of that plastic vehicle.

Marnehuizen is a Dutch playmobile-like full-scale fictitious town. An hypothetical visitor would have the choice to enjoy some downtown shopping, to visit a local bank or to stop by the modern train station.  This cozy town is surrounded by a forest, and has its own harbor. However there are no citizens living in this neighborhood, and the only people hanging around are uniformed well trained officials.

Marnehuizen is a playground for emergency rescue teams, special weapons and tactics units and anti-terrorism navy squads: here they are  trained and prepared for a wide range of possible scenarios. Jeroen Hofman is a 36 year old award-winning photographer: playground” is his last project.

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