The best days of my life

I will never forget the US Presidential campaign 2008.

We just met, and were spending most of the time together. We did not get much sleep, in 2008. Sitting on the bed, and talking. About almost everything. We had more than 5 decades — split among us — to share one with the other. We walked a long distance to finally meet in the most unexpected Country on the map. And we both had much to say.

In the same days, on the other side of the ocean, an improbable guy — born in Hawaii, son of an African alien and raised by a lonely young mother — moved quickly his steps toward the presidency of his Country.

I remember how passionate we got about his electoral campaign. We did not miss a single event. We were spending hours mocking his way to talk, pretending to be either him or one of his adversaries. Saturday Night Live became our favorite show.

In front of me

I was looking at this girl sitting in front of me and I was loving the way she was imitating Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and even Joe the Plumber. We were laughing one at the other, and then discussing very seriously about the political stands of John McCain, those of Hillary.
And of course about him, Barack H. Obama.

Sometimes, looking back at those days, I wonder how much in love we already were. And how close one to the other we became, just spending our nights watching videos about the presidential elections of a Country so far from our origins.
Also our own origins were so far one from the other — and yet, we did not feel it.

There is a song of Bryan Adams that describes my feelings, about those days in the North — back in 2008.

Oh when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Yeah, I’d always want to be there
Those were the best days of my life

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