Nadya Vall

A new photo gallery of Nadya Vall, the teenager model protagonist of the documentary Girl Model, directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin.


  • My original post on Nadya Vall and more pictures from Girl Model: link!
  • Some more pictures of Nadya Vall, on my Facebook page.
  • Madlen Nazarova — the other teenager model in the documentary.

6 responses to “Nadya Vall

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  3. I just watched the movie today. It’s on Netflix now. So good! Do you know where she is today? Like is she still doing this?

    • Hi Alexis!
      The latest news I have, are that both Nadya and Madlen are still working in the modeling industry. I know that Nadya is working in China, but she is also studying!

  4. I watched the documentary last night and started looking up information on both girls and I’m so happy to see that they are both doing extremely well, that Ashley lady i feel like has some +++ problems or something, she didn’t seem right to me

    • @Sunnyvilla I agree with you. That Ashley lady seemed like she had some mental issues. She was very awkward with the teens when she was in their apartment. It was like their was a giant elephant in the room. In Ashley’s younger video clips she seemed distraught and confused. She says she feels bad but makes her think she is really good. Is she talking about prostitution and how she may have slept with some people to win some castings? The owner of Switch seemed like a total fucking creepier as well. When you first get introduced to him he is holding a sign and it has the number 666 on it. Really?! This movie just makes me think they are sadistic mother fuckers trying to lure girls in by giving them false advertisement about making money and at the end they either come back home in debt, infected (std), pregnant, or dead.

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