A girl named Madlen

Madlen Nazarova (Nadya Vall, Girl Model documentary) — from Madlen’s public Facebook profile

The documentary Girl Model quite impressed me. In general, I love documentaries — but not those with animals. Human beings are definitively more interesting than any other species. When Nadya Vall found herself alone in Japan, she soon discovered that no one was going to provide for her food. Another Russian child was later assigned to share the small apartment where Nadya was living. Madlen Nazarova, this the girl’s name, was maybe less naïve than Nadya, and had a clearer view on their situation. With the credit card given to Madlen by her parents, the two girls had been able to support themselves for the first weeks.

Nadya Vall became certainly famous, after the presentation of the documentary. I was wondering what has been the destiny of Madlen. I did not find many pictures of her on the internet. Some of the few images available are here. I also found her Twitter account. This small photo gallery is my little tribute to Madlen. A way to thank her for her humanity, in a world of exploitation.

Madlen Nazarova

Madlen Nazarova

A message from Madlen

Some days ago, I received a message from Madlen. I have good reasons to believe it was real. It seems she is doing fine, and to have grown smart and happy.

UPDATE: since this post is lately one of the most seen on my blog, I decided to dedicate a more extensive gallery to Madlen. Check it out here: https://theincredibletide.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/more-about-madlen/

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