The unexpected Pope Michael I of Kansas

They say that Jesus Christ was most likely Italian: he believed his own mother to be virgin, and she believed him to be God. The same seems to be true for the Bawden family, living in the small town of Delia, 179 souls lost in the State of Kansas. David and his devoted mother Tickie established their own Vatican City in exile not far from the farm where Dorothy was raised as a young orphaned girl by her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em.

Mr. Bawden is maybe not the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, however he claims a greater title on Earth. At age 30, David Bawden had been elected to the (allegedly) vacant throne of Saint Peter as legitimated heir of the Roman Catholic Popes. In a conclave of 6, including David and his two parents, held on July 16, 1990, the lineage of true catholic tradition was restored after the heretic Second Vatican Council.

Pope Michael I lived since then with his own mother and a young apprentice, apparently the two only followers of his credo.

Pope Michael, the Movie

Pope Michael is a documentary film by young Director Adam Fairholm, and it was shot over the course of 18 months on a low budget. In the words of Adam,

Pope Michael is a story about four uniquely genuine and likable characters in a bizarre situation. As a Kansas University professor puts it, “all religions all start out as tiny groups”, and Pope Michael is the up-close story of one of the smallest.

The full documentary (available here) is an enjoyable insight in the life of the most unexpected Pope in 2000 years of christianity and catholicism. I have also loved the shorter original movie on Pope Michael: here on Vimeo.

Believe it or not

Get inspired! Pope Michael I is preaching his word on the internet. His YouTube Channel is maybe a source of precious information, for those aspiring to reach the Heavenly Kingdom of God. Read more on Pope Michael, here and here. Credits for the pictures of His Holiness should be given to Adam Fairholm (more pictures here!) and Nick Krug.


5 responses to “The unexpected Pope Michael I of Kansas

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    • Any point of view is legitimate. You may think Pope Michael I is not a true pope. To me, he is as credible as Benedict XVI. This world is more interesting (and entertaining) thanks to people like them, talking to whatever god they like.

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