Lizards and Reptilians

There is this guy, David Icke, saying that we — as humans — are in great danger. The world as we know it is just a deception.   A group of reptilians is ruling our lives and society. I met people seriously believing it. Well, I met also people believing that a virgin gave birth to a child who actually was his own father. And some others who would not have the sense of humor to accept any joke about their own silly believes. Should I choose, I admit that I like the lizards story.

It reminds me of V, a television series broadcasted in the eighties.


Attractive and manipulative, Diana was my favorite alien. I loved her determination in reducing Earth to a dry planet, humans to canned food and her fellow lizards to obedient servants. Evil had, for once, its beauty queen. Her human alter-ego was boring Dr. Juliet Parish: a blond hobbling physician — a tradition followed years later by Kerry Weaver and Gregory House. Juliet was too miss perfect, to be human. Diana with her anger feelings, her competitive attitude and her dominating aspirations was much closer to real Earthlings, as I have experienced them.

Jane Badler

I would have preferred aliens to win the final battle against Mark Donovan, Juliet Parish and their  human friends. At least today we would have some crazy people preaching that there are human beings controlling our reptilian life. However, Diana kept living among us. Her human name is Jane Badler, and she built up an unexpected career as singer: her last album being titled Tears Again. Don’t believe it? Check out her website:

Even more pictures of Jane Badler as Diana on her Facebook fan page:

Freddy Krueger

Visitors did not give up their human-hunting habits. Not everyone knows that Freddy Krueger was actually a fellow lizard, arrived on planet Earth with the V space fleet. Willie was the most lovably innocent alien of Diana’s flock. Yet years later revealed his real face as Freddy. Truth is that actor Robert Englund portrayed both the human-friendly lizard Willie and the not-so-friendly disfigured dream stalker.

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