I love portraits

I just love pictures of people. You may have noticed it, browsing the posts on this scrapbook I keep calling blog. Humans assume the most kaleidoscopic shapes in the natural evolution of their lives. And I enjoy observing these mutations.

Grades and shades

My favorite place to eat alone, in my adoptive Swedish hometown, is a fast food  with big windows facing the street. I just seat there and I look at unaware Swedes walking down their way to an unforeseeable future. If you have never been up in the north, it could be legitimate from your side to object that those vikings all look the same boring whitish and blondish. A common misconception that I shared when I was still living elsewhere. Even though it may be well true that Swedes are pretty boring at times, the actual ethnical and cultural distribution of present Scandinavia makes the colors you may observe to be in all possible grades and shades offered by human evolution.

When I travel

When I travel, I spend most of my time taking pictures at unaware people rather than at repetitive buildings. In some parts of the world this is rather easy, in some other countries it may be challenging and even dangerous. In Japan they probably think that I am just an impolite silly gaijin — and it is possible true — however, people offer usually a smile when they spot my camera looking at them. When traveling to Central America you have to be more careful, especially in poor communities they do not appreciate the being-in-a-zoo feeling — and they have damn good reasons.

The author of these pictures

Benoit Paille is a young eclectic traveler and photographer. Benoit has some magic in taking pictures of strangers, people with freckles and a wide range of outcasts. All the pictures in this post were taken by him. His Facebook page is a good starting point to explore his world and his work. A collection of his pictures is here: http://www.benoitp.com/


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