New York, New York

A week ago, the Discovery made his last ride in the sky over the White House in Washington D.C. — However, the Space Shuttle Enterprise offered yesterday an even more spectacular show, when it was flown over the skyscrapers of Manhattan, New York.


  • HMS Enterprise, any of fifteen ships of the British Royal Navy
  • USS Enterprise, any of several ships of the United States Navy
    • Enterprise (1776), a ship of the Continental Navy during the American Revolution
    • USS Enterprise (CV-6) (1936) Yorktown-class aircraft carrier, and the most decorated US Navy ship
    • USS Enterprise (CVN-65) (1961), the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
  • Enterprise (1814), a privately owned steamboat captained by Henry Miller Shreve
  • SS Flying Enterprise, built in 1944 and originally commissioned as the SS Cape Kumukaki (C1-B)
  • Discoverer Enterprise, deepwater drillship that gives its name to the Enterprise class of large drillships



  • Enterprise (balloon), a hot air balloon used by the Union Army during the American Civil War
  • Enterprise, an early Goodyear Blimp


  • NASA Space Shuttle Enterprise
  • VSS Enterprise, the inaugural vessel of the Virgin Galactic suborbital tourism fleet


  • Starship Enterprise, any of several ships by that name in the Star Trek fictional universe
  • Enterprise, a ship in the game Final Fantasy
  • Enterprise, a starship in H. Beam Piper’s novel Space Viking
  • Enterprise, the title ship in the 1959–1961 television series Riverboat

More resources

More pictures of the Enterprise flying over Manhattan, New York, on the Facebook Page of the Incredible Tide:

Check also the pictures from the last flight of the Discovery Space Shuttle over the skies of Washington D.C. and the White House and of its last flight to the International Space Station.

Did you know that also the Soviet Union had its own Space Shuttle? It did fly only once, unmanned, for few minutes. And now it is rusting abandoned in the land of the former Enemy.

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