Lolita Japanese subculture — in Mexico

It passed too long time since I have been in Mexico.

I loved to walk around, exploring the large streets of the immense De Efe — el Districto Federal — surrounded by millions of citizens always inexplicably busy in buying or selling something. When I have to describe my experience of Mexico City in just a sentence, I always say: 20 million people, none of them staying at home.

I missed something

Still, in my days there, I should have missed something. Or maybe it just happened in the last few years. Lolita fashion style conquered the hearts and minds of young Mexicans. Japanese subcultures are powerful, and it is not just fault of Hayao Miyazaki if, from the seventies, the imaginary of all generations — including mine — is shaped in the colors of manga and anime.

So it happened that now-a-day, it is not unusual to see a perfectly adequate doll-girl walking down the overcrowded streets of ever surprising Mexico City.

Yo, Lolita

Since I got curios about this contamination of cultures, I looked around on the internet and found a very nice blog — Yo, Lolita. The author is a Mexican girl, herself a Lolita, discussing Japanese subcultures, fashion and daily life in her own country. And her Facebook group-page has more than 500 followers, and some nice pictures too.

Most of pictures in this post however were taken by Photographer Daniel Becerrill.

3 responses to “Lolita Japanese subculture — in Mexico

  1. I’ve known about the Lolita stuff in Japan for a long time, but no idea it was in Mexico as well! I wonder if there are any other little frilly pockets of Lolita around the world?

    • A month ago or so, in Stockholm central station I have seen a beautiful pink lolita-style Swedish girl. However, her boyfriend looked quite Japanese, so maybe she was into it just to please him (well, in such a case, she was probably not Swedish!)

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