My name is Charlie

Once upon a time, three little girls went to the police academy, where they were each assigned very hazardous duties. But I took them away from all that, and now they work for me. My name is Charlie.

Yes, the man in the picture below is Charlie. Actor John Forsythe — most famous for his role in Dynasty — appeared only with his voice in the Angels TV series.

My favorite Angel

The prettiest was Kelly (Jaclyn Smith). She was not looking dumb as Jill (Farrah Fawcett) — the blondine in the first series — and definitively more feminine than the other brunette, Sabrina (Kate Jackson). From the second series on, Kris (Cheryl Ladd) replaced Jill in the cast. Still blond, but kinda prettier.

I got a bit disappointed when Tiffany (Shelley Hack) took the place of Sabrina, in the 4th series. But what killed the show, has been the unfortunate choice of Julie (Tanya Roberts) as a substitute for Tiffany herself.

In my memories, and in my heart, the real Charlie’s Angels were — and always will be — Kelly, Sabrina and Kris. (Even though, in the picture below, an Angel is not one of these three: may you tell who, without reading the caption?)

And which Angel was your favorite?

3 responses to “My name is Charlie

  1. kate jackson (sabrina) was hard to replace. but shelley hack (tiffany)– pretty, fashionable, humorous–grew on the audience and by the end of the 2nd half of the season, many people including her detractors have to admit that she had become likeable. tanya roberts (julie) was unfortunately utterly forgettable!!! yup, she took away all the glamour and excitement of the show

    • It is always so difficult to find the right match, when substituting a character in a television series. A successful example is Cote de Pablo in NCIS. And yes, Shelly Hack was also good.

      • with a little more attention to character details and good stories to showcase the new character, the odds become better. what was sad about the case of shelley hack was, she really fit the character. when they finally had good stories, one could see that shelley had become tiffany and tiffany had more of shelley. magic was starting to happen! if the producers had been more patient, shelley was definitely on the way to making it work. in contrast, tanya roberts never got to be julie rogers at all. tanya, let’s face us, was just another girl in a bikini. and they were a dime a dozen.

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