Too easy (a post on Monica Lewinsky)

I should admit it: I did not see the scandal. Bill had a sexual relation with a young intern at the White House — or rather (according to Bill’s deposition) she had a sexual relation with him: so what? Was Bill the first married man to have an affair with a younger girl? Was he going to be the last one? Oh, and does it really matter that he was Mr. President? JFK had a definitively much prettier wife than Hillary, and yet he was cheating on Jackie with several girls, not to cite the most famous Marilyn!


The usual game is that the girl got the shame. Too easy to make any joke about Monica, her blue dress and possibly the old and common practice of fellatio. Most women do it in their life, and possibly a large number of men — even though not so many would admit it, especially in the clergy.

The fault of Monica has been, let’s say it once and for all, to be overweight. No one ever made the same low and disrespectful jokes about Marilyn Monroe: the blonde diva was pretty and famous. Monica was just — to use a word loved by Swedes — just lagom. Nothing special. And quite fatty.

Is it fair?

Not to be anorectic is a crime for young women. Monica Lewinsky committed also a second felony, in the law of men: she has not been grateful enough for having been “considered” in spite of her embarrassing appearance.

Is it fair that Bill, ten years later, is forgiven and his behave forgotten, by Hillary and the public, while “Monica Lewinsky” is still a name synonymous of oral practices?

A photo gallery

Monica in Black and White

Monica in Black and White is an HBO documentary film featuring Monica Lewinsky as narrator of her own story at the White House. While this film may not change your opinion about her, it does show a side of Monica that has not being seen before: a charming and engaging raconteur, sitting cross-legged at the foot of the stage.

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