Lego Space

Along with pictures of brunette girls with green eyes and a fringe, posts on religion and discussions about identity and gender, spacecrafts are definitively one of my favorite topics for this blog.

The Baikonur Cosmodrome — once the most important space center of the Soviet Union — is today a trafficked hub with destination space. American as well as European astronauts are starting here their travels to the outer atmosphere, side by side with Russian cosmonauts.

Extending my range

It is since I was a kid playing with Lego Space that I dreamed to actually work in a place like this. Unfortunately this space base in Kazakhstan is not the most accessible place in the world: it seems that they do not like too many visitors around the Cosmodrome. Still, I hold some hope. Maybe I should give a change to my scientific activity and move toward space exploration.

However, do not misunderstand me: it is not astrophysics I am interested in. It’s more the idea of extending the range of my travels to the unreached. Or maybe the dream of boarding the Star Trek USS Enterprise in its exploration of the unknown.

Some more pictures

Some more pictures of the Baikonur Cosmodrome are in this other post. And there is also the long-forgotten Soviet Space Shuttle.

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