actually, not all girls are beauties (neither all boys)


Beauty is not subjective. Maybe you can fool yourself and come to believe that someone really ugly is in some way pretty. Alcohol seems to be of great help in this task. And it may be also true that physical — and I mean sexual — attraction is often beyond any sense of esthetic. But the distinction between beauty and not-beauty may be drawn clearly.

Grace Kelly in a portrait by Andy Warhol


However, how is it to be ugly? I do not mean just lagom — a Swedish word meaning “just ok, so so, not bad – not good” — and I do not even refer to physical deformities. I mean, to be just ugly, not nice to look at, undesirable, unattractive. How does it feel? Or is it true that no one really thinks that s/he is ugly. That everyone in some way finds the way to lie to themselves?

Matching partners

I was wondering, today, do ugly girls like just ugly boys? And viceversa? Most couples seem to be at the same level: either they are both very ugly, or they both are lagom, or eventually they are both attractive. Is it that human beings self adapt to circumstances, so they get consciously what is at their level? Or maybe you just feel less ugly when your companion is like you?

Più che ‘l dolor, poté il digiuno

I sometimes think that it is lack of confidence and fear of being judged. However, it may also be true that you take what is available on the market, given the price you may pay. Everyone would like to eat at good restaurants, but if you have just money for McDonald’s, this is what you get for dinner.

Well, everyone sometimes likes to go to McDonald’s. But this goes under the category “sexual attraction is often beyond any sense of esthetic“; or to say it with the most famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri:

And then the hunger had more
Power than even sorrow over me

Charlotte Casiraghi

No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they’re pretty, even if they aren’t.

— Marilyn Monroe

A photo gallery of a Princess who was beautiful even when she was a little girl. And a portrait of her grand mother, Grace Kelly, painted by Andy Warhol.

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