Are women more stupid than men?

Are there any jobs that men do better than women?

The Catholic Church seems to believe so, reserving management positions just to those carrying male genitalia. They are not the only ones, though. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive, and in most countries it is almost impossible to see women employed in typical — what is typical, by the way? — male occupations.

Proof of elementary education is required for women to vote, in Lebanon, however this is not asked to men. And even if the already mentioned Saudi Arabia announced that will allow women to vote and to run for office from 2015, the Holy See stands firmly in its divine decision to be now the only State in the World where women are banned from public life.

So the question is: are really women more stupid, weak, unfitted to take independent decisions, than men are?

Sarah West

Most CEO are men. Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft. Universities are stuffed with male professors, and female cleaning ladies. And have you ever heard the expression “cleaning gentleman“!? It seems that the division is in our language as much as in our minds: why to specify “male” prostitute? Just because, if I would mention that profession, without specifying the gender, I bet you would think at a woman.

However, if I would say “president”, “director”, “general”, what images pop up in your mind? Let’s be honest here. Otherwise, why would be an interesting news to read that, in these days, Royal Navy officer Lt. Cdr. Captain West has assumed command of a major warship of Her Majesty the Queen of England?

And yes, Sarah West is the first woman to take such an important command under all history of the Royal Navy.


3 responses to “Are women more stupid than men?

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  2. Speaking from a country where sex determination is still practiced and where young girls are being killed each day . I seriously dont think that women are any less than a man . Having a loving mother made me realize that no man would walk this earth if he did not had a women to give him birth to . So i respect them with all my mind, body and soul.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Vineet. Young girls are unfortunately killed, sold, abused in every country in the world. Honor killing, rape, prostitution are widespread practices to humiliate women, and no country is free from these crimes. What you say is important, and if more men will reason as you do, the world will one day be a better place. For everyone.

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