This is not one girl

I never liked that Mr. Potato Head toy. It was kind of scary, and definitively I did not appreciate the mustaches. The idea was to compose  a face over a potato, adding some elements to form something, if not cute, at least funny. Well, the girl in the picture above — famous Japanese pop-singer Eguchi Aimi — is actually the kawaii version of Mr. Potato. Or, I should say, Miss Potato Head.

Eguchi Aimi

When Eguchi Aimi joined the Akihabara circus of lovely AKB48 singers, fans in Japan — and all over the world — fell immediately in love with her beauty. However, she was surrounded by a mist of uncertainty and any attempt to know more about Eguchi Aimi was ending lost in the haze of mystery.

Truth is, Eguchi Aimi did not exist. She was a composition of six AKB48 girls. The nose of one, the mouth of another one, the eyebrows of a third, and so on. Half Frankenstein, half Golem, this kiree young Miss Potato Head became so famous, to even create some jealousy among her fellow (and real) participants in the AKB48 project.

Glico TV Ad featuring Eguchi Aimi and the AKB48


AKB48 is a pop-music group and television show extremely popular in Japan — even though many of my Japanese friends would eventually deny it. The show is based on some music competition among teams of young and pretty girls. Something between American Idol and a beauty contest. AKB48 perform live in Akihabara, and published several successful music CDs.

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When I am alone, I usually listen to their songs. I love them.

My favorite real-life Japanese kawaii-subculture girl is however Nozomi Sasaki. And how can’t I mention Chiaki Kuriyama, Kill Bill’s dangerous Gogo Yubari?

Japanese lolita subculture is conquering the world: even in Mexico City is not unusual now-a-day to see some pink girls strolling around. Here are some pictures of them.


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