Rebecca is beautiful


Rebecca Adlington won 2 gold medals at the last Olympic Games in Beijing. The only British swimmer to win more than one gold medal in the last 100 years. And she was just 19 years old! Becky, as her friends call her, scored also the World Record in the 800 meters.

Still the internet is polluted by disrespectful comments about her physical appearance. Being 5′ 10″ (1.79 m), and not skinny, people do not find better sport than to post degrading statements wherever in the web someone is talking about her.

For a woman is always a crime

Have you ever read any of such comments about some man practicing sports? I may assure you that most of male football players are as ugly as one could ever imagine. And they get just glory.

The fact is that for a woman it is always a crime to deviate from the standards of male dominated sense of beauty. However, if a woman does have at least the decency to feel guilty, and to hide herself behind the curtains of maternal roles, she may receive mercy and be — if not accepted, at least tolerated.

On the other hand, if a women dares to be independent and successful, then nothing can be forgiven.

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