Intelligence is sexy

If you have ever watched Boston Legal, and possibly the last season of The Practice, you would understand what I mean: Alan Shore is the man I have been most attracted, ever. In general, I am not physically attracted by men. Alan Shore is an exception. And it is all about intelligence.

Labyrinths and carousels

There is nothing more sexy than extreme intelligence: the ability to understand the intrinsic multiplicity of any imagined reality, the constant thrill of an ever changing point of view, and the polymorphism of never expected consequences. The authors writing the lines of Alan Shore well understood this lesson: Alan is not unethical, but identifies breaches in the ignorance of common sense. Alan does not play with words to confuse his opponents, but explores the labyrinths of all possible futures.

Intelligence is a tribute to the unexpected, a carousel of iridescent interpretations, and a sharp awareness. There is nothing more sexy than intelligence.

Captain Kirk

Oh, yes, and in the last season, Alan Shore will get married with Denny Crane: nothing less than William Shatner, Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk.

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