Who killed Laura Palmer?

There are things we will never know. Who did really kill Kennedy? And why? What about Marilyn Monroe? Was it suicide? And the death of Pope John Paul I, was it really for natural causes? Mysteries that will be unresolved and soon will be part of the myth. Still, now-a-day we have no clear idea on who did poison Napoleon. Nor we are really sure about how many people stabbed Caesar!


I was born in a Country whose recent history is dense of mysteries: airplanes exploding without a clear reason, bombs fired in train stations, and many other unresolved massacres killing hundreds of people. But also many people committing suicide in very anomalous conditions. Or, as we say in Italy, “being suicided”.

Most of these unresolved stories involved local secret services, foreign powers and — quite often — the Holy See. Still, there is a mysterious crime whose solution is hunting me since many years.

Who the hell did kill Laura Palmer?

The girl in these pictures is — as it may be well understood from the title of this post — Sheryl Lee. The famous Laura Palmer, whose mysterious death has been the main topic of conversation of those who loved Twin Peaks. And no, I never saw the TV series. However, I remember quite well the theme music… tadan, tadan, tadan, tadan…

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