I do not have a wardrobe

Do you have a wardrobe? I don’t. Since many years, the closest thing I have to a wardrobe, are a couple of suitcases. When I was younger, I had my  boy scout backpack. Then, when I moved to the seminar — to attend high school — a large travel bag became my cabinet. The fact is that, since I was eleven, I never lived in the same house for more than three years. And I see no sign of more stability, more than a quarter-of-a-century later.

The great earthquake of 1976

Wardrobes intimidate me. I think it dates back to the great earthquake of 1976. I was sleeping at my grandparents place, that night: an apartment on the last floor of a tall building in my home town. When I was spending the weekend there, they were opening a small guest-bed, accommodated between their own mattress and the big wooden cabinet. My grandfather recalled  for many years those never-ending dramatic moments: the whole apartment was flickering, and the wardrobe was vacillating over my bed — where I was sleeping unaware of the danger.

Another airplane ticket

Or maybe it is just the unpleasant feeling of settling down, that makes me to find quite a waste of money the idea of buying a wardrobe. If I have to choose, I would rather book another airplane ticket.

Milan Closets

Milan Closets is a project by Italian photographer Pietro Baroni. The idea reminds me of Rania Matar’s amazing pictures of teenager girls in their rooms. I love to have a look in the houses of other people: it is a way to understand something more about human beings. Still, these huge wardrobes resonate in my thoughts as a life sentence to sedentariness.

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