Don’t make war. Get naked!

It’s kinda fun. Hundreds of people, around the world, gathering naked for a bike ride. Not sure it is comfortable, though.

I always wondered why people, on one side like to get naked, but on the other hand are somehow afraid of doing so. There are for sure some good hygienic reasons, to keep your cloths on: a daily shower is not a common habit, for several human beings. Sometimes it is enough to take a bus, or to go to the supermarket to have a clear idea on how little many people care about the process of washing themselves, dressing, and attending to their appearance.

However, even in a cleaner world, I guess we would keep our cloths on. Maybe we are ashamed of our bodies, or we just feel unsure about some of our physical details. I talked with some people — believe it or not — who seriously argued that wearing cloths was god’s will. Don’t ask me which god, I have no idea. As if, someone who eventually created us, would be surprised to see some cellulite or an excess of body hair.

Religions in general like people to be covered up. Hebraism requires men believers to cover their head with a kippah, and most of Islam wants women to be dressed up with heavy curtains — rather than proper cloths. Christians are somehow more liberal, even though both Catholic and Orthodox clergy have a taste for extreme clothing: “Lady Gaga” Ratzinger is a good example of that. And try to enter a church with shorts, or a t-shirt: do you really want Jesus to see your legs?

In some way, I think that we like to have cloths on to assert our individuality. And maybe to state differences. Naked, we would just look too similar one to the other. No differences. And this no one really likes.

World naked bike ride

The World naked bike ride is an annual event organized in several cities around the world. However, almost every day is possible to read about some people getting naked here and there on the planet. Sometimes there are the activists of Femen showing their bodies, some other times a naked guy is running on a field to interrupt a sport event. Getting naked to attract attention is much more fun than to set fire on yourself, to harm some other person or to destroy some public or private property.

Don’t make war. Get naked!

3 responses to “Don’t make war. Get naked!

  1. oh my goodness! That had to hurt. I know I can’t ride without my padded bike shorts. Where was this?

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