I was browsing some pictures I have collected for this blog, when I found myself looking with curiosity at one of them. For a moment I wondered why a photo of the oldest of my sisters-in-law was in the Mila Kunis‘s folder. It was really her. Or maybe not. Still, I think that there are really people who look-alike other people, even though there is no recognizable relation among them.

Googling my mind

Actually, when I meet someone new, I often Google my mind searching for “visually similar” faces in my personal database. And I do not mean celebrities, but rather friends, family members, old classmates, kids I played with in the scout and, of course, girls I dated (or at least liked!). Some times — though — it is not the face, but the body shape, the hair cut, the way to move the hands or to walk away that reminds me of a person I am acquainted with.

I never saw before

I think we all do so. Kind of dangerous practice, however. With the association to someone known, also feelings, preconceptions and expectations are coming along. In good and evil. This is why I generally love to meet people coming from very far away. Most likely, they will not resemble anyone known. This is also a good explanation on why I loved to live in Japan! Nothing was as expected. And also why I got immediately in love with the girl I married. I never saw before, someone like her!

Mila Kunis

A photo gallery of Californian actress Mila Kunis. I am always surprised by how girls may look so different from one picture to the other. I always look the same. Maybe is just the make-up!

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