I never had a black girlfriend

I never had a black girlfriend. Actually, I did not even ever dated a black girl. In some way, this depend on the fact that I was born in the seventies and I was living in a European country predominantly white. My home town has been for centuries the crossing point of cultures and people. However, they were all white: Austro-Hungarians, Serbians, Slovenians, Italians, Czechs,  Croatians, Greeks, Russians.

It may sounds weird, now-a-day, but in the world of my childhood there were no black people. Nor actually any Asians, or in general anyone not Caucasian. It was a world without mobile telephones, where internet did not exist, and for many years the television was just broadcasting in black and white. The only women wearing a scarf I ever saw were nuns, and religious diversity was represented by my Orthodox grandmother and Rabbi Elia who visited our school when I was eight.

How alien I became

Today, I have friends of every shade of color, believing in several different deities and speaking the most various languages. Still, I never had a black girlfriend. I guess it just did not happened, a matter of chances and probabilities. Or maybe it is the cultural bias of having being raised in a Caucasian-oriented society.

I am always surprised, when I travel back to Italy — or I am masochistic enough to watch some Italian TV, to realize how limited and deeply racist is the culture of my native Country. When I hear (and read) Italians talking about identity, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnic background, I realize how alien I became — in my own Country.


But for a couple of pictures of Spice Girl Melanie B, I had no black girls on The Incredible Tide. I guess it is the same cultural bias I discussed above. Still, I had many pictures of Japanese girls. So I browsed the internet for some photos of Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell. And I realized how “white” they are. Maybe, the bias is wider. And we still have a long path to walk.

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