this guy has a PhD

I will say something unpopular. If you cannot get a job, you are lazy. If you cannot get a job you have studied for, it means you are just not good enough. Sorry, guys.
It is the truth. Now, go to your room and cry.

Your mother may well believe that you are a genius — and she would eventually elect you Pope, if she could. Politicians love to sell the idea that the economical crisis is responsible. For everything. And some journalists would probably write a nice piece of rhetoric about your unsuccessful search for a proper occupation. Society is not ready to value your qualities, this world is not willing to accept another Messiah. How sad.

University graduates

There are two ways to look at these pictures of young men and women. They are all university graduates. Some have a Bachelor, some a Master. One of them has a PhD. They all do some job far away from their academic background. Is that a failure? And if so, who does hold responsibility? Most of the time, these stories are actually presented as failures. In each case, the responsibility is never mailed to the right address. The poor guy wanted to be a scientist, but this evil world did not fulfill his dreams. And the pretty girl wanted to get a high-flying position, too bad she is a waitress.

Take a different look

If you see those stories as unsuccessful attempts to enter life, then blame the protagonists. However, I like to have a different look. These guys are getting their hands dirty, are making a living and possibly are enjoying their lives. Are their jobs not fitting their studies? Who cares. Do we really need to do all our life the same job? Is it really necessary “to be” what your diploma says you are? Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) has a Master in Electrical Engineering. And the Emperor of Japan studied biology.
So what?

Read more

So, do not take me wrong. I appreciate what these guys are doing. They have the dignity of a job. And they seem quite happy too. Read more about the individual stories in the caption of each picture. The original photos were published by The Atlantic.

5 responses to “this guy has a PhD

  1. I liked what you’re saying…make me smile….I’m a civil engineer turned technical draftman but mainly a night and week-end artist painter….and even if sometimes I felt a sort of ‘failure’….I doesn’t feel like that anymore, for many years now….

    • Thank you for sharing your story. Accomplishment is not necessarily a linear process. (And I love your art! I was browsing some of your works now. Both me and my loved one like them!)

  2. Hi, i’m The GUY THAT HAVE THE PHD!… me in person.
    I agree with you compleatly. It’s not the job that tells who are you. The only problem is when you have ideas and money and you try to rise your own activities and your government eat you alive and force you to quit with burocracy and unbelivable taxes. Another problem is having a job (more than one actualy) that for 42h a week give you no more than 1000€/month ….. this has no dignity… this is something else.
    But i have to not complain…could be worste, but in some way this is not enough

    • Francesco, I have been really impressed by your story. I feel in some way connected to it. Myself, I worked for many years in several unqualified positions. I have been professional ambulance driver, social assistant, waiter in a restaurant. And I understand how it does feel. These experiences gave me a strong drive to get first a master, then a licentiate and finally a doctoral degree.

      I wish you all the best, vision and determination are the necessary qualities to succeed. Eventually, an airplane ticket to another Country may help. (Io sono partito dall’Italia, per non tornare.)

      Take care.

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