Let’s Speed Date

I have never been at a Speed Date. I guess it is kinda fun. Especially if you are not looking for someone, and want just to meet some creepy people: to eventually figure out that you are the creeper guy in the room, or that maybe all the others are there for fun — just like you.

Sometimes we talk about going together to a Speed Date event, removing our wedding rings, and pretending not to know one the other. I guess she would score 100% of the possible dates. It is not just because my loved one is always the cutest girl in the room. She really is! However, I suppose that in such events, guys tend to tick the option “Yes, I want to see her again” for all the female candidates. In particular, guys who go to a Speed Date to really find someone.

One man, four wives

Girls tend to be more selective. They may well get out of there without selecting any guy, not even for a coffee. It may be a cultural attitude. A girl with many guys is not as respectable as a man with many girls. Some religions even institutionalized the idea: 4 wives for a man are cool. Not vice versa. On my side, I do not buy the idea that it is an evolutionary requirement: a man may inseminate several women, hence he should maximize his possibilities. — We are much more evolved than that: just to say it, animals do not go to Speed Dates.

Katie Holmes

How do girls select, then? The taller mate? The stronger? The one who could provide better living conditions? Katie Holmes did not choose the tall guy, but I guess many girls would have liked to marry Tom Cruise. Why so? For the fame? The money? Or just to become members of Scientology?

Men are probably not smart, for the most part, when choosing their companion (male or female, choose as you like). Women do not seem to make the right choices, too. Most of the time, men and women, are just fooled by their own misjudgment when selecting with whom to mate.

So, is it a random selection at a Speed Date a really bad idea? Chances that you meet an idiot — or the most wonderful person in the world — are the same than in any other way to find a companion.

2 responses to “Let’s Speed Date

    • She is a cute girl, indeed. I just wonder if she will go for Speed Dating, or maybe for another fancy actor. In any case, best of luck to her!

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