Be the Monarch!

Come on, raise your hand if you have never ever ever dreamed to become Emperor or Empress, King or Queen, Prince or Princess of your own territory, province, state, empire or planet. I am sure that Napoleon, when he was a child playing with other kids, staged his own coronation. And a young Fidel Castro was probably pretending to be the Leader Maximo of his own room.

Myself, I have often fantasized about the day I would have been elected to the throne of Peter, as Pope of the Catholic Roman Church. On my defense, I may say that as I child I was not understanding the meaning of chastity, but just that of Absolute Power.

Homosexuals and Homophobes

However, our world seems quite densely populated by self-proclaimed Sovereigns of the most imaginative lands. Canadian student Eric Lis, appointed himself as Imperial Majesty of the Aerican Empire, celebrating this year a quarter of a century domination over territories on Earth, Mars, Pluto, as well on an imaginary planet.

One of my favorite self-proclaimed states is the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands: the only requirement to obtain citizenship is — needless to say — to be homosexual. A much funnier place to live than the micronation of Vatican City, ruled by absolute monarch Pope Benedict XVI, where a requirement to be citizen is to be homophobic.

Choose your nation!

The Principality of Wy is happily ruled by bearded Prince Paul, emits its own currency and, of course, has a fully fledged flag: a dolphin regaled with a glided crown against a blue sea. Whereas the Republic of Molossia is a self-proclaimed dictatorial banana-republic, located in the backyard of its President — in Dayton, Nevada.

Micronations may have very diverse backgrounds and destinies: the Epicurean and Imaginary Kingdom of Donite lasted the time of a blog post; the Republik Kugelmugel is more an artistic installation than a nation — even though it’s President has been sentenced to prison for emitting postal stamps; and the Principality of Hutt River claims to be the second largest state on the Australian soil — the first being Australia itself.

Sealand and Christiania

The two most famous micronations is the world are however the Principality of Sealand, whose international status has been seriously debated, and the anarchist Freetown of Christiania, established in 1971 downtown Copenhagen.

Sealand faced a very troubled history. Founded in 1967 by a Major of the British Army, his wife and their child, Sealand witnessed several turmoil, entered civil war, fought rebellions and even negotiated with diplomats officially envied by Germany! Today Sealand has an unrecognized government and an equally unrecognized government in exile. Quite a lot of history for a nation of just 550 m2 and 28 citizens.

The only micronation on the planet not enjoying the ruling of a sovereign is however the Freetown of Christiania. With a population of 1000 citizens and a surface of 0.34 km2, this self-established enclave in the municipality of the Danish capital has a long tradition of arguable freedom and tolerance.

How To Start Your Own Country

“How to start your own Country” is an enjoyable journey in the life of those fighting for independence… of their own backyard. A quest for freedom, described with some irony. It some way, micronations remind me of Pope Michael I of Kansas, the self-proclaimed Catholic Roman Pope in exile.

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