Toys Factory

I loved to build those plastic models of airplanes, when I was a child. This was one of those typical activities I was doing with my father. And one of the most successful. Not easy, with a child like me, to find out the right thing to do.

I remember the day my father decided to take me to the watch my first soccer game. He talked about it for quite a long time, in some way trying to introduce me to a sport I was not much interested in. It was a really nice and sunny day. We climbed some stairs and sat on the concrete, on the side of other supporters. Five things I did not like, in one: I hated heights, I could not stand the sun, the concrete was uncomfortable, I did not like the supporters, I disliked soccer. — Poor man, a complete disaster. I insisted to leave.

Another time we went to fish

Another time, we went to fish. My father bought all the necessary equipment. And talked about it for quite a long time, in some way trying to introduce me to the art of fishing. It was a sunny morning. We climbed some boulders, and sat in front of the sea. Needless to say: I hated water, I could not stand the sun, the seat was uncomfortable. However, the poor man had time to get his first fish out of water. He did take it in his hands, and showed me some anatomical details. You see, these are eggs: this is a mother fish. That was too much! We just killed a poor pregnant mother-fish!? I guess that if I did refuse to eat fish for the next 20 years, it has been for that father-son morning.

I just got terrorized

And then, there was the day he wanted to organize an excursion to the mountains. Just the two of us. He talked about it for quite a long time, in some way trying to introduce me to the risks and the joys of walking on the Alps. He explained me that, should one of us get hurt,  the other should seek for help. If I break a leg — he told me — you should walk alone down to the valley to get someone to rescue me. I just got terrorized. The day we were supposed to leave for the mountains, I did just hide myself. And refused to leave home.

I love airplanes

So, I guess, airplane models have been a brilliant idea. We could just sit in a room at home, and enjoy our time: no uncomfortable seats under the sun, no heights, no dangerous mountains where people break their legs, and poor children have to walk alone down to the valley, no killing of pregnant-fish. And I really love airplanes!

A factory, in Siberia

A factory in a remote location in Siberia. A reminiscence of Soviet Power. Imaginary flying machines, which may well have been drawn by the hand of Hayao Miyazaki, are here engineered and assembled. Air superiority fighters and nuclear bombers, designed for a world of war and deterrence, are still produced in this post-industrial monument to the Red Army. The original pictures were posted by

Like this? Take a look here!

More pictures of Soviet and post-Soviet aircrafts, warcrafts and spacecrafts.

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