Recurring Dream

And then there is this recurring dream. I am sitting in a classroom, or maybe I am just walking down the corridor at the second floor of my old high school building. It is morning, and I feel I should be in some hurry. I know I am late, but I cannot say for what — almost like Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit. My classmates are sitting in one of the rooms, and a teacher is giving her lecture. I reach, unnoticed, my seat. To my great surprise, I realize that it is the last week of school — and I have missed all the lectures, this year. Where have I been? What did I do all the semester long?

Someone is on the other side of the mirror

Angst is taking me, the teacher looks at me with some concern. I do not have my homework done, I am not ready to answer to any question. In some way I know that I will have to repeat the year. My classmates will graduate, I will be there once again.

But then, a thought is reaching the back of my head, a message sent from far away. I am in a room, and it is empty. A large mirror is taking the space of a whole wall, in front of me. Someone is on the other side of the mirror and s/he is knocking on the glass to attract my attention. It is me, on the other side of the one-way-mirror.

I am back at the school. A thought shapes in my mind. I have already got a master at university. I have also got a Ph.D.. If so, it means I do not need to graduate from high school. Because I already did it. This is the wrong place, and it is not my time. It is just a silly dream, and I may just change it. I stand up, and the teacher looks at me with surprise. My classmates are astonished when I just walk out the room. Sorry guys, I already have my diplomas. Best of luck to you.

And then, I wake up.

Controlling my dreams

Maybe it is not the Butterfly Effect (loved the movie!), but in some way I enjoy when I am able to realize — while dreaming — that it is just a dream, and that I can change it. I am not sure when it started to happen. In the beginning I was just having the feeling that something was wrong, did not make sense or was just different from what I remembered. The I have been able to stop and restart it from the beginning. But the story was always the same.

However, now it is kind of fun. I find myself in some situation I do not like, and I may tell to myself “Hey, it’s a dream, you can just change it“. So if I am in war, and my weapon is empty, I just recharge it. And if I have to make a phone call and my mobile’s battery is “empty”, I simply decide that actually it was fully charged.

Sometimes I think that I became able to modify my dreams the day I learned how to modify my life — for the better.

Jennifer Lawrence and Lana Del Rey

Jennifer Lawrence and Lana Del Rey, kissing. Just love these pictures. I promise, as soon as I find some nice pictures of two men kissing, I will post also them. If you have any that you like, post it on The Incredible Tide’s wall on Facebook!

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