the forbidden book

We were strolling down one of my favorite places in Antwerp. Old bookstores, cozy cafés and antiquaries have their doors open on the sidewalks of Kloosterstraat, creating a unique Atmosphère Parisienne, in the heart of Flanders. We spent some time exploring an Antik und Curiosa establishment, on two floors of an old house. While I was looking for a well preserved bureaux secrétaires — a piece of furniture I will buy, soon or later —  wondering where it could fit in our apartment, Bella found some beautiful mirrors, framed in golden floral motifs. Loved them. I guess we will go back there, one of these days.

A large volume, just there

Just out of this antiquary shops, a bookstore specialized in art and photography had few books exposed in the window. Some volumes have been there for quite a long time, given the thick layer of dust was covering them. A section of the exposition was occupied by old editions of architecture manuals. And on the right side, a yellow framed map was describing forgotten borders, resting on a green book without title. I was looking at the map, when my eyes were caught by a large volume, just there, on the side of these small books with a red and green pattern on their covers.

A goldish bishop’s hat

A girl. A goldish bishop’s hat covering her blond hair — and nothing else. Yes, it is the picture I posted up here. On the side of the book, just a title, and the name of the author: Marc Lagrange, 20. The bookshop was closed, so now we have another good reason to go back to Antwerp, this coming Saturday. Once at home, I browsed the web, and found out more about this photographer.

Marc Lagrange

Marc Lagrange is an engineer who quit his job in 1990s to devote himself to photography. Born in Kinshasa, Congo, Marc is now living in Antwerp, where he has his studio. His favorite subjects seem to be female models. His photos have something of cinematographic. And I love his brownish black and white. His website is here:

I have definitively to go and buy that book!

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