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The link to the post is here: Child Abuse.
A post on double moral standards.

More facts

In 1979, Sweden became the first country in the world to declare illegal any corporal punishment of children. Today, only 32 countries recognize the inviolable right of any child to physical integrity.

Children are entitled to care, security and a good upbringing. Children are to be treated with respect for their person and individuality and may not be subjected to corporal punishment or any other humiliating treatment.”  (Föräldrabalken, Swedish law regulating parenthood and guardianship)

In May 1996, the Italian Supreme Court stated that “the use of violence for educational purposes can no longer be considered lawful“. It stated that “the very expression ‘correction of children’, which expresses a view of child-rearing that is both culturally anachronistic and historically outdated, should in fact be re-defined, abolishing any connotation of hierarchy or authoritarianism and introducing the ideas of social and responsible commitment which should characterise the position of the educator vis a vis the learner”.

In Finland, the Child Custody and Right of Access Act 1983 begins with a statement of positive principles of care for children, and continues: “A child shall be brought up in the spirit of understanding, security and love. He shall not be subdued, corporally punished or otherwise humiliated. His growth towards independence, responsibility and adulthood shall be encouraged, supported and assisted.”

Read more on End Corporal Punishment

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