Swedish girls are easy

Five facts about Swedish girls

Swedish girls are not all easy. That is, they will not have sex with you just because. However, this is a well established myth, outside Scandinavia. I guess most people never met an actual Swede in their life and based their idea on some stereotype representation given by Hollywood movies and Californian porno.

Myths have always a source of truth

I guess the fact is that Swedish girls talk more openly — once you get them to talk — than other girls: it’s about culture, and gender equality. The Swedish education system is strongly aware of the risks of gender biased behaviors. In Italy, for example, it is common to hear a mother or a teacher telling to a girl “this is not how a proper girl should behave — or talk“, a sentence hardly repeated to a boy. So yes, maybe Swedish girls talk and behave like Italian guys.

Swedish girls are not all blond

Swedish girls are not all blond. For at least three good reasons. The first one being a merely statistical one. The second reason is maybe less known, outside Sweden: some 20% or so of Swedes have parents or grandparents born in another country. The heir to the throne, Crown Princess Victoria, is a good example of a Swedish brunette with a diverse ethnic background. The third reason is kinda fun: since there are too many blond girls, and in some way to defeat stereotypes, blond Swedes dye their hair with darker colors. So, whereas in the rest of the world most of blondish girls have to fight against the regrowth of dark roots, in Sweden it is not unusual to see blond regrowth on the most various shades of brown.

[Swedish Girls] Project

If you want to see how Swedish girls really looks like, now-a-day: here it as a photo gallery, as you do not expect them to be: girlsinsweden.wordpress.com

Topless Swedish girls

Swedish girls do not go naked to public places. The fact that feminist groups are fighting in Sweden for the right to bath topless in public swimming pools is all but sexual promiscuity. Actually, the idea is to de-sexualize the female breast: that is to remove any erotic significance or sexual feeling associated to the public exposition of mammary glands. There is a multiplicity of meanings associated to this initiative, from equality to annihilation of genders. What I find interesting is the contrast, in the Swedish culture, between this very advanced — for the rest of the world — proposal, and the fact that many Swedish girls have to fight for the right not to wear a hijab or to choose who to marry.

H&M cloths

Swedish girls all dress up with H&M cloths. This is somehow true. Of course, there are also Zara, Lindex, Åhléns…

3 Swedish girls and Usain Bolt

So, I found it funny to read about 100-meters champion and gold medalist Usain Bolt, and the three Swedish girls he allegedly spent the night with. Bolt posted a picture on his Twitter account, posing with three players of the Swedish female handball team:  Isabelle Gulldén, Jamina Roberts and Ulrika Ågren. However, a lot of speculation followed on tabloids around the world. And not to be accused of racism, every journalist avoided inappropriate comments on the guy’s background. But, wasn’t it a discriminatory preconception to infer anything more than what you see in the picture, just because the three girls were actually “Swedish girls“!?

[Swedish Girls] Project

A photo gallery of Swedish girls, as you do not expect them to be: girlsinsweden.wordpress.com

A girl with an attitude

Josefin is a fourteen years old Swedish girl. Who works as photographer in Nyköping, a small town in Southern Sweden. Her story is here: https://theincredibletide.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/a-girl-with-an-attitude/

9 responses to “Swedish girls are easy

  1. I am a Canary Islander and I have come across many Scandinavian girls in my islands. I think you are wrong if you think Swedish girls are not easy to bed. At least when they are on holidays, they want sex and make it very clear to the guy. Maybe they want to try it with a guy from a different culture (?). Anyway, I am not into Swedish girls as I like Norwegian girls. Norse girls are hotter, hornier than Swedish girls. I am never cold with a norse girl in my bed. Norse girls are also better kissers. A Norwegian girl will do anything to please her stallion. This is why I am going to enter Norway as an illegal immigrant. Regards, VICENTE, male, 17 years old.

    • At seventeen a person has the right to write stupid things. Hormones excuse you. Just try not to commit crimes, as entering illegally another country. There are better ways, in life. You might try to study, and get a scholarship. Or to develop a business: there are plenty of opportunities in the Canary Islands. Just do not waste them!

  2. I live in Sweden. If you come here, I PROMISE that you wouldn’t see any woman wearing a hijab. Maybe if they’re from another country.
    And no SWEDISH woman has to fight for the right to choose who to marry.

    • Dear Erica, I wonder where in Sweden you live. I spent almost 5 years of my life there, and my experience is really different. There are plenty of Swedish girls walking around with their hijab. — Well, of course, all depends on what you mean by “Swedish”. Is Swedish someone who has a Swedish passport? Or you consider Swedish only those born in Sweden? Even in this last case, there are thousands of girls with hijab! Or Swedishness for you means “ethnically Swedish”? In such a case, not even His Majesty Karl Gustav is Swedish, and definitively not Queen Silvia. But this definition of Swedishness is kinda racist, in my modest opinion. There are many people born in Sweden by immigrant parents (or grandparents) who knows just Sweden as their homeland. They do feel Swedes. And at the same time wear a hijab.

      When it comes to being forced to get married with someone, I suggest you to visit the website of Glöm aldrig Pela och Fadime: http://gapf.se/

      • Being Swedish is simple and I know if someone is Swedish when I meet them. Girls wearing hijabs are not Swedish unless they have converted and the converts are very few.
        So no, being Swedish is not defined by citizenship or language proficiency. Its a whole package.

        • Is the Queen Swedish? And Zlatan? Or Loreen? Is the King Swedish? Is the prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt Swedish?

          What does define “Swedishness”? Or, “Italianess”, “Frenchness”, “Brasilaness”…? What about “USAmericaness?” — Your view of the world is quite naive, Richard. Or, racist. You choose.

  3. my two weeks of xchange in sweden(short time,yu may say) has proven to me that swedes irls are the most versatile ladies av ever come across, any topic ranging from arts,music,culture really entice them,they are fun to be around with and never judgemental,they really have an opinion of their own about life. Simoply adore swede-girls

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