When you are a kid, it is kinda fun. Let’s pretend I am a policeman, and you are a thief. Let’s pretend this teapot is full of hot earl grey: wanna have another cup? I soon learned that it is not just a game: it’s life.

I was five when I realized my cousin was a moron: the little bastard was just breaking — on purpose — every and each toy he could grab, in my room. I remember telling it to my mother, over and over again. Still, she kept inviting auntie, uncle and their unpleasant son to all my birthday parties: “the kids are so happy to play together!”

And what about my grandma’s hunchback, nicely shaped and still denied, by all my adult relatives, whenever I was trying to mention it: “Grandma has a hunchback!” — No, you must be wrong, she doesn’t!

People meet and smile

I wonder if it comes with Catholicism. Virgin Mary was truly virgin. We have three gods: father, son and holy ghost, but we are monotheists. And the priest is not homosexual, he just did not take a wife for the love of Jesus. Who actually was a man, hence I do not see the contradiction.

So the world goes: people meet and smile, then talk shit behind the (hunch)backs one of the others. States call it diplomacy, parents say those are good manners, religious leaders refer to this practice as faith.

Love doll brothel

No surprise that in Japan it is possible to visit a Love Doll Brothel: beautiful plastic girls ready to satisfy the desires of their customers. Some would call it fetish: to make love to an inflatable lady, pretending she is an actual woman, may sound pathological. However, the market is expanding: some men are building their own harem — silent mistresses waiting for their turn. Still I wonder why a love doll brothel should be considered a perversion, whereas buying sexual favors from a living human being is “better”. Better for who? I guess not for the one whose body is sold.

I am not good at pretending

Still, don’t we all sell ourselves? Smiling to the old grandma, pretending not to see her hunchback, just to get a place in her will, or at least a 50 euros note for Christmas? Smiling to the policeman who pulled us over, not to pay the fine?

I am not very good at pretending.” — I was thinking to say so, then I realized that possibly every human being would say the same. Ask to your self. Ask to a friend. Most of people, I am ready to bet, would make a point of not being a “pretender”. Then, look around you.

Imagine a world

And imagine a world where no one is pretending. Would it be a better place? Probably the first victims would be families. Most grandmas would not have loving grandchildren. Quite a number of religious organizations would have to close down for lack of believers. And people would not have anyone to vote at the next elections. Imagine the Pope saying from his balcony “this morning, I woke up, and realized there is no god — sorry guys!”

How many friends would people still have? How many people would still be in a relationship? How many heterosexuals would still be around? How many families would still meet for the Christmas lunch?

Pretending is what is holding up this world. So, if someone wants to get an inflatable doll, please, be my guest.

And, wanna another cup of tea?

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