Honor and rage. Kate topless pictures.

Here we go, finally some pictures of Kate Middleton without her most precious piece of wardrobe. At a recent event, in front of some hundred photographers, Kate Middleton decided to have her feet naked. And so William did. Oh, yes, maybe you were looking for pictures of Kate without bra. The news is all over the world, isn’t it? Two tiny little breasts on her royal skinny chest. Wow! How could I have lived until now, without seen something so unique. The future Queen of England’s cups B (maybe, or maybe just a large A).

So, that was it. No third boob, no tattoo of Her Majesty Elizabeth II just below the right nipple, no larger size than reasonably expected. Kinda disappointing.

Lese Majesty

The pictures, were published by a French magazine. Now I just wonder if England will enter in war against France. It is lese-majesty! Or maybe, the English speaking part of Canada will invade the French speaking part of the Country, to revenge the honor of the Duchess of Cambridge. In Scotland someone may suddenly decide to set fire to all shops selling French fries. And Wales will maybe ask the photographer to be executed. You never know: the French president may even consider, then, to send some aircraft carrier to sail the waters of the Thames.

Uncontrollable rage

Yet, this is not going to happen. However, the world in these days is on fire for something as silly as the boobies of Kate. A video was posted on YouTube, presenting the Prophet in a less than accommodating way. So what? It seems that the video (quite boring, to be very honest) had just few hundred views. At least until some Minister of Uncontrollable Rage decided that the offense was unbearable, and that this fitted very well their agenda. So now, some people got killed, some new war is getting closer, Mitt Romney will get some advantage for the next elections, radicalism is getting stronger in Islamic countries. And, most important of all, the video has now been seen by some tens of million people.

Kate Middleton’s small boobies

So, should I choose between the Prophet and Kate Middleton’s small boobies, I would go for the second ones. At least, hopefully, no one will get killed for watching them. And I hope that those who got so outraged for the video on YouTube, maybe, the next time would decide to browse something on the Internet, would rather choose some French gossip website.

Don’t take me wrong, though. It is not about Islam. People are getting outraged for a much wider range of “reasons” than just religion. Every football game in Italy is a good excuse to set fire to a stadium, and eventually to kill some supporter of the adversary team. And the peaceful no-global activists are always eager to attempt some murder while loitering and sacking the city hosting a G8 meeting. The fact is that Christians are not allowed anymore to kill people for the sake of Jesus. Because no one cares anymore if I would say, for example, that Jesus had bad breath. So they need other excuses.

Who needs life

In general, I am afraid, some people need to get outraged from time to time. It is always good to have some one to blame. Even Kate Middleton and the Queen of England needs it. Some stolen topless pictures are a good occasion to get a dose of well deserved rage. Just to distract from the absurdity of the institute of Monarchy — for example. There is this (very controversial) video by Israeli satiric group Latma TV “Who needs life when there’s honor?” (I will not post it, you never know that some one will blame me for some more outburst of violence). But yes, when you feel that your life is not worth anything, who needs it. If there is — a much distorted vision of — honor?

Queens of England

A glittering portrait of the Queen of England, and another glittering portrait of the future Queen of England.

More pictures of the Middleton Sisters:

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