The life of others

I had some good reasons, in these days, to wonder which image people get of my life. I guess I have some responsibility in this. I am over exposed, on the internet. My 400+ friends on Facebook have access to the pictures of my travels around the world, the dreamy images of our fabulous wedding, the list of places where I have been living, my academic titles and the job which pays me a salary.

Truth is, some of those 400+ have a very successful career and a brilliant life too. My friend M. is working on a project for NASA, another M. is member of the Italian Parliament. A. and many others participated in the discovery of the Higgs boson at CERN. My friend N. is planning a dreamy wedding in California. P.-A. lives in Japan and posts beautiful pictures. M. lives in Paris and cooks delicious dinners. A childhood friend, A., is running a very successful business in my home town Trieste, M. just moved to America — and soon will have her first child, E. is editor of an important scientific journal. V. is journalist on national television, E. is a famous news anchor, whereas V. & E. (two others!) recently moved to a beautiful villa they built together.

Glamor and glitter

I have no space to mention them (you) all. Each person was given her opportunities, none of them got anything for free, nothing was given for granted. Happiness is something to build day by day, so success is.

It is so easy to get fooled by the glitter. I know that someone is struggling against life-threatening sicknesses affecting themselves or their beloved ones. Some others recently lost a significant one. I know about the dramas some of my friends lived in their childhood. And I heard stories so distant from the bright and glamorous pictures posted on Facebook. However, in most of the cases, I just see what people show. And I have no idea of what is really hiding behind the curtains of their life.

Then there are those complaining all the time. Those who tell the world about their disgraced situations. Posting about unemployment, economical crisis, blaming the society or the politics, spilling digital tears around them. Maybe they are the smarter ones. No one will expect nothing from them. And they may keep conducting their existence.

I do not know anything

I do not know anything about you. And you know very little about me, in spite of this glamorous blog, its many viewers, and the narration of my life. I am happy, I have the life I want to have, I do what I saw myself doing in my dreams, and I still have a lot of dreams I am working on to realize. But nothing came for free. I had to pay my prices. The fact that I am not spending my time focusing on this aspect is a well defined strategy. I believe in positive thinking and in positive actions.

One of my best friends, I., who has been a mentor and an example for many years, used to tell me how many people were telling him “Easy for you, with your job“. His answer — often unexpressed — was “yes, it is really easy: there is a place called University, go there and get where I am now. then we talk.”

So, it is the same when you look at life of others. Never envy someone else life. Moses said it right: do not desire the house, the donkey, the life of someone else. Because you have no idea of what it comes with. And because you have to work for it yourself.

2 responses to “The life of others

  1. Isn’t it the “house, donkey and wife of someone else?” or are you switching to life on purpose? Great post and thank you for mentioning me, my friend. Kram!

    • Isn’t my wife “my life”? 🙂 However, I wanted to have it gender-neutral! And I know you understand well what I want to say. Love you and A. 🙂

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