He does not care

And so my job is not to worry about those people.

Now, let’s be honest here, the guy has been taken out of context. It is enough to listen the two minutes of the speech before this (supposedly) controversial statement by Mitt Romney. The red candidate is discussing the composition of the electoral body. And reasoning about his target audience. Who is most likely ready to change idea, after voting Democrats at the previous Presidential elections?

If my message is to lower income taxes, he says, this will not convince those not paying them. Why should they care. If my message is that the federal government should not provide free health care, those not having a private insurance will not like it.
If my message is to cut unemployment salaries, those not having a job will not support me.

And since these are my ideas, there is no chance that those people would ever vote for me rather than for Obama.

There is some honesty

I should say, there is some honesty in what Romney is telling here. It would have been a scandal, if Mitt would have stated: “I want to cut Obamacare, but I will not say it, and even pretend I like it, to get the vote of those who need this program!”

The meaning of “I do not worry about those people” is in campaigning-strategy terms. Romney is just discussing who to target with his presidential campaign. He did not say “I do not worry about poor people”, he said something else. That may sound like “I cannot convince them to vote for me, so I will not try to, and I will concentrate on some other population target audience”. Who eventually is more sensitive to his politics.

Like the guy or not — and I still prefer Obama — this time they are really distorting what he said. Let’s confront Romney on what he wants to do, not on pretending “he does not care about people”.

I do not like this, Barack. I understand you want to be re-elected, but where is ethics?

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