Adults are morons

Maybe things are different, now-a-day. But I still remember that I was forbade from eating in the car, when I was a child. I had to finish my ice cream before sitting in the back seat, and it was out of any possible discussion the possibility to eat a biscuit while in the car. It was just a stupid requirement. And I understood it quite well since I was age five. Stupid, as stupids were those enforcing this rule. Does the car get dirty? Well, let’s clean it then! Don’t we eat at home? Why the car should be kept cleaner than our kitchen?

Smoking morons

I remember protesting loudly that it was idiotic that adults were allowed to smoke, in the car. Whereas I was not allowed to consume some food in it.

Yes, smoke. How can someone be such a moron to smoke in the same car were children are sitting? It is not just being morons, it is criminal. And child protection services should intervene and remove kids from the care of people smoking in their presence. — Yet another thing I knew since I was a child, and still adults were blind and deaf at my words.

I remember this big idiot, a so-called family friend, smoking cigars in our living room. I was a teenager, by then. And I had two very young sisters. I asked to my mother, as well as to her smoking husband, to prevent that man from intoxicating us while visiting. They told me I could go out, or stay in another room. Yet, my sisters got all the smoke. And eventually became smokers once (not too much) older.

Poisoned minds

Because it was not just that we were getting our lungs poisoned, but also our minds. I had very good reasons to hate the man. And not to follow the example. Yet I paid my price to some Stockholm Syndrome (but this is another story). However, children learn what they see. And if they see you smoking, they will most likely become smokers. Or tolerate it in their partners.

And yes, I had smoking girlfriends. A couple of them. I would not accept it today. As well as many other things. But I had to walk my way to get free.

Holding responsibilities

Of course (really: needless to say) baby seats and sitting belts were not part of every day life, in the seventies and eighties, in Italy. Still today, in most of the Country, people regard these devices as annoying appliances  — and do not use them. The same goes for speed limits. I never remember having seen the driving adult respecting them, while having me sat in the car.

But, you see, the rule was clear: no eating. That was the most important thing. Then we could have died in a car accident, or years later for lung cancer.

I have survived, so far. But I still remember, and I can hardly understand how those who had responsibility for my welfare let this happen. So, I am very little tolerant for those adults enforcing stupid rules for their children, while endangering them with much more dangerous practices.

Carrie Underwood

What the blond girl in these pictures has to do with all of this? Well, there are two contact points. The first being her famous song “Jesus take the wheel”. The story goes that a mother is driving on an icy road in the night and suddenly looses control. A baby is sitting in the car with her. So the woman raises her hands to the sky, leaving the steering wheel, and asks Jesus to drive for her. I find it kinda criminal. Someone who in a dangerous situation leaves the wheel and summons her invisible friend!

The second reason is that this same song of Carrie Underwood is the “favorite” one of a dear friend. With whom I was discussing today the issue of eating in the car. He has two lovely children, and said “well, if it gets dirty, I just take it to wash”.
Love the attitude.

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