Män som hatar kvinnor

How disgusting!

The news is all over the world. And it is revolting. I feel disgusted, and I cannot understand how this can be allowed. You will not believe it. And I beg you to read these lines with maximum attention. So here is the story: in Sweden — that happy Nordic Country famous for Abba and vikings — a large furniture industry just published its new catalog. And believe it or not, there are some offensive images, in it.

Yes, they dared to publish the unpublishable! There are pictures (yes, pictures!) of dressed human beings, along with the pieces of furniture. But what is actually outrageous is that some of those humans are actually female! Female! Women — do you get it? Pictures of fully dressed women! How disgusting! How can we accept it?

Forbidden women

This is exploitation of the female body, just to sell a kitchen, or maybe a cupboard! The maximum level of mortification is also given by the fact that those women — for disgusting it may sound — are depicted along with men. In the same picture! This is unacceptable! How do these people reason? Don’t they have any respect for morality? Didn’t they get an education?

Images of women should be forbidden. Actually women themselves should be forbidden. They may be tolerated just to provide necessary physiological services to men. And then eventually kept closed in a room. Oh, where this society will end up, if we allow women to be photographed?

These images may offend

Don’t you still believe me? Take a look at these pictures. The originals — published around the world — and the scandalous disgusting ones published in Sweden (those including women!). But I warn you, these images may offend some viewer. May induce masturbation in teenagers. May give strange ideas to your wives. And may promote homosexuality, indecent behavior and hay fever.


Just to say it: it is not about Saudi Arabia — worse things happen there. It’s about our own hypocrisy: women’s rights (or their denial) are always matter of marketing. In Sweden, equality sells. In Italy, scantily dressed women does. In Saudi Arabia, it is their absence. I actually do not see any difference here, and there.

Read more

Read more on the Los Angeles Times, or maybe on the Wall Street Journal.  The original news, in Swedish, was published on Metro.

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