Mamma mia!

Italians never get out of their mother’s home and care. Is it really like that? I am afraid so. And there are several people we may consider responsible for this Mediterranean attitude. First of all the mothers: women have a role in the Italian society exclusively defined by their motherhood. Women hardly find (or look for) a job outside the four domestic walls, and if they do, they tend to go for part-time occupations or eventually retire as soon as possible. So, the only meaning most of Italian women can give to their own life, is being a mother: for a lifetime.

Lazy boys

On the other hand, Italian men are possibly the laziest human beings on this planet, and possibly the most coward. Italian well grown up males still are unable to do their own laundry, to press a shirt, to cook anything to eat. However, when they dare or attempt to do so, their efforts are strongly destabilizing. Mothers would feel they are loosing their place in this world. Fathers are even more concerned.

Yes, fathers. A wife who suddenly would be free from the care of children (children in their 30s, and even in their 40s…), such a woman is dangerous for the typical activities an Italian male is busy since marital age: having affairs, getting false medical certificates to enjoy some extra holidays, watching football on their flat screen television. Fathers want to keep their life in statu quo ante: without any change.

The life of clergy

That is the basic teaching  of the Catholic faith: women are either devoted virgins and mothers, or whores. So, a good Italian and Catholic husband is supposed to live his Manichaeism, and seems to enjoy it: leaving his wife untouched and focused on her children, and having fun with those who were not dignified yet by the production of an offspring. On the other hand, this is exactly the life the clergy is enjoying: served by virgin nuns, and having an active sexual life with prostitutes.

These three videos were produced by a Norwegian Real Estate agency, promoting their services. Don’t be like Italian men, get out of home, and get a life. There is also a subtle message directed to women, though: find your happiness in your self and do not project your expectations in your little 40 years old toddlers. A more independent approach would favor both. Whatever the Catholic Church is trying to tell you.

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