Coherent sets of colorful objects

I love collecting and cataloging coherent sets of colorful objects. Banknotes, stamps, coins, medals, letters, postcards, documents, identity cards and passports, pins. In some way I got this passion from my father, even though we spent less time doing such activities together than he had probably wished for. I remember his extensive collection of beer cans, and his dedication to his numerous volumes of well organized stamps.

Possible mental schemes

I am a less knowledgeable collector than many devoted to this practice. What I actually enjoy is to arrange and rearrange my collectables through possible mental schemes: today a chromatic scale, tomorrow I will follow a reverted chronological order. Sometimes I go for emotional links. I group together objects that have a meaning known just to me. Or maybe I let my sentiments and memories fool any apparent order.

The same feeling

Well, you may have noticed it. I collect here, on this blog, set of pictures, more or less related to the content of my lines. Should you ever take a look at my stamps collection, I guess you would have the same feeling. Just that effigies of kings and queens are here replaced by nice looking (mostly brunette) girls — and sometimes, but not so often, nice looking guys.

So I could not resist from assembling together these 30 self-portraits published on Instagram by one of the cutest girls I have blogged about: Hungarian swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos. They are quite “stamp-ish”, maybe I should edit them, add a nominal value, a suitable perforation, and the indication about the issuing state.

The memory of these days

Collecting, I was reading, is a psychiatric disorder. It has something to do with need of keeping things under control. And with fear of being abandoned. I like to think, sometimes, that one day a gran-grandchild, looking at one of my collections, will keep alive — even if for just a minute — the memory of these days I am living. It is a postcard I am sending to the future. I wonder if it will arrive at destination.

zsuzsanna jakabos instagram dec 01

More Instagram photos

Still not enough? I will keep updating a board on Pinterest with Zsuzsanna’s Instagram pictures:

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